Paintsville Herald-March 9, 2018

Conservative Republican to Face Liberal Incumbent; Promotes Need for Real Change

Vowing to represent all the people of the 97th District, Republican Bobby McCool of Van Lear in Johnson County filed for District State Representative against Democratic incumbent Hubert Collins. McCool is Vice-President and Chief Institutional Officer at Big Sandy Community and Technical College. McCool is a Veteran, receiving an Honorable Discharge from both the United States Marine Corps and the Kentucky Air National Guard. Besides his current position with BSCTC, he is a former coal miner. McCool attended the University of Kentucky (ABD), Morehead State University (Masters), Eastern Kentucky University (Bachelors), and Florida State University (Post Graduate Certificate in Research). After spending the past 25 years in the field of education—working in both high school and college settings—McCool is seeking to restore positive leadership and service to the 97th District. McCool said education and workforce development will be a key issue in the campaign

“My background in education will enable us to bring renewed focus to education and workforce development in our area. Our area lags behind in many areas and we need someone in Frankfort with an education background that can bring the understanding and determination to focus greater emphasis on education, so that teachers have the resources they need in the classroom; so that businesses have a trained and ready workforce,” said McCool.

McCool said cuts in education budgets should be a last resort in Frankfort but have been the first target by those in office right now. McCool said building stronger economies and better futures requires strengthening educational opportunities and not cutting education budgets. 
“In building our future, cutting educational funds is one of the last considerations that should be on the table. Our children deserve a brighter future and that promise comes through affordable education. Cutting higher education has left many students with huge debts as a result of loans taken during their time in college. We can and we will do better—our people deserve a brighter future,” said McCool.

McCool said strong contrasts exist in the State Representative’s race and he looked forward to a vigorous campaign that would discuss the issues that matter to the people to restore conservative values.

“We will focus on the need for change and for a positive message that reflects the values of the people of the 97th District—conservative values that promote education, jobs, and an end to the business-as-usual attitude in Frankfort,” said McCool.